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" No.1 COMPLAINT THERMAL COMFORT " - " No.2 COMPLAINT INDOOR AIR QUALITY " - " 23% American Office workers experience symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome " - " That is, approximately 28 million Americans today will be suffering itchy eyes, runny noses, headaches etc due to their office accommodation. That’s a lot of GDP." - " 65% of Tenants are dissatisfied with their inability to control the temperature. " - " 96% of Tenants state control of the temperature is one of the most important requirements of office accommodation." - " 2.7% - 8.6% Average predicted productivity improvement when providing individual temperature control to staff " - " Do you think having control of air movement will enhance or hinder productivity? " - " One environment cannot suit everyone…" - " 55% of work related illnesses come from return air systems. The rest of our illnesses are from coffee cups, door handles, etc." - " Thermal comfort is not defined in terms of “delight” – rather it is defined as “that environment in which people are not dissatisfied " - " There is a standard used to predict thermal comfort " - " The guy who wrote the standard (P. Ole Fanger) – said the only way to improve on this is to provide personalised control " - " It complies with ASHRAE standards that 20% of the US & Aust. office workers to be uncomfortable" - " The World Health Organisation since 2000 has advocated 15 l/s per person fresh air in urban indoor environments " - " USA & Aust standards permit only half of that air quantity" - " We all changed from 15L/s per person because of the 1973 Energy Crisis" - " An abundance of studies show that offering occupants control over their indoor climate results in less health symptoms, higher comfort satisfaction rates and improved performance " - " Therefore it seems very logical to include the aspect personal control over indoor climate in future (thermal) comfort standards "
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SEED is an engineering firm for the building industry. We believe our buildings and our spaces can live in harmony with nature.
We believe that in every project, a moment arrives where something special can be created.That "something special" is fulfilling. It may be making spaces healthier, helping buildings become more energy efficient, or empowering organisations to make sustainability changes from the inside out.
That breakthrough moment often occurs when each engineer or architect can see the design in terms of the benefits provided they need to provide, rather than thediscipline elementsthat may be drawn.
The HVAC engineer can recognise that their job is not about providing air conditioning and ventilation equipment, it is about providing thermal comfort and good air quality. The lighting engineer appreciates s/he is not tasked to provide light fittings but light, from wherever it is sourced.
Fortunately, for most climates, light, good air quality and thermal comfort can be naturally provided for significant portions of the year. For those times when natural conditions are poor, technology can supplement.
We focus on the arrangement of a relationship - betweennature, people and technology. We have experience, passion, and depth.And we are here to help you.