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Using Personal Ventilation to Enhance Thermal Comfort and Air Quality

 Wednesday, March 28, 2012 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
UCI is sponsoring this educational seminar on Personal Ventilation.

Good air quality and thermal comfort are important for high performance modern office workers. Personal Ventilation is an enhancement improves thermal comfort and air quality simply. It gives people control over their own space.

Many designers are unaware of personal ventilation - why to consider it, what are the options and how to integrate it.  Yet for the typical additional cost of AUD$250/person, the business owner can reap a productivity return many times that in less than a year.

In this seminar, we present the science of thermal comfort and air quality, and describe exactly how personal ventilation  makes a difference.  

This seminar is for all members of the building fraternity - builders, architects, engineers, tenant representatives etc.  It is hosted by Rob Lord of SEED Engineering who  worked closely with UCI many years ago to develop Task Air.  Rob has been a lecturer at several universities for over a decade on these subjects and presents the sometimes complex subject matter in an easy-to-understand format.  

This is NOT a Task-Air sales pitch. This is a serious educational presentation about creating micro-climates  in the modern office environment. It has been created in response to the many questions designers have asked over the years.

Even if you have no immediate commercial projects in mind, this seminar will assist you to understand air quality, thermal comfort and how even gentle air movement can influence the office worker.  

This is also a forerunner for a more technically-focused seminar to be released shortly. It will provide insights into Task Air experiences for HVAC designers - how to achieve energy savings and practical issues for Mechanical designers.
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